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Successful case
 China Unicom
           One of the three operators in china. With the help of free fiber renovation project started in 2014, SKYCOM become China Unicom through optical fiber fusion splicer, leather fiber splicer is one of the largest suppliers. Around the copper modified fiber, fiber free home provides a great help.
China Mobile
        In October 2014, China Mobile plans to build 700 thousand 4G base sations by the end of 2014, so as to achieve the continuous coverage of the national cities and counties, urban areas and key towns. Relying on China Mobile's leading optical network equipment and optical fiber connecting skills, SKYCOM through optical fiber splicer leading fiber connection skills will soon speed progress of fixed network transmission function, and direct the progress 4G user experience.
China Telecom
            China telecommunications network operators as       Chinese main telecommunication enterprise and the largest in 2011, Chinese Telecom launched a comprehensive "broadband Chinese - optical network city" project, and establish long-term cooperative relations in the 5 and SKYCOM 2013, SKYCOM through optical fiber fusion splicer has become the designated product of optical fiber splicing equipment.